KETAMINE - Playboi Carti 「Lyrics」

You niggas don't love me, your bitch wanna fuck me
My t-shirt on, so I won't get ugly
She fuckin' with a don, I'm fuckin' with a bomb
They think I'm Osama, woah, she think I'm off somethin'
I'm fuckin' with a bad lil' vibe, Molly all over her tongue
I'm 'bout to spot me a opp, I'm 'bout to spin their truck, woah
I said, "Momma, I got me a switch, we don't give a fuck 'bout luck"
Ah, ah
Ice on my body, I'm the coolest
Trampoline jump for a cougar
Jump out the jungle, go hectic
I'm leavin' that boy on the stool, uh
She wanna fuck for the moolah

Pussy ass niggas get lit up
That Pelle Pelle hold the Ruger
I was just layin' with your girl, huh
She like bein' 'round my niggas
She T'd up, she not switchin'
G6 got me in here glitchin'
Hood-rich as fuck, just livin'
This bitch ain't got no vision
I'ma go ahead and give it to her
I just been feeling myself
I found Jesus, Christian Dior
Got a bitch wanna fuck on the gang
Shit, put a stain right on the floor
Got me feelin' like Jason, chase

I'm switchin' lanes on these whores
Stop all that talkin', let's do it
You on the internet, boy, stop, boy
I'm in the field with cleats, Sig in my jeans, I kill boys
Me and my niggas, we Gs, step on bitches, we kick doors
I stay runnin' up checks and holdin' the knife, it's a sport
Sittin' with my blick, I got me a gang, I can't go to court, uh
Nigga tried to pop his pain, put two in his brain, blow up the fort