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Kodak Black - Maui Woop (Lyrics)

Hey, oh, shit
And this beat Hellfire
I ain't gon' lie, all I can think is this

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Kodak Black - Maui Woop (Lyrics)

Hey, oh, shit
And this beat Hellfire
I ain't gon' lie, all I can think is this
All I can think of is—
All I can think of is this
Man, for sure
Yeah, yeah
I was in Hawaii thinkin' 'bout—
Just in Hawaii, yeah, yeah
I'ma try and bust me one of these lil' aloha bitches tonight, mhm

I was in Hawaii thinkin' 'bout XXX Tentacion

When them niggas shot me, I ain't even feel that shit, I'm crazy
I ain't never thought, die just like this bein' rich and famous
I'm in Maui Maui, [?] medication
I'm in Maui Maui, thinkin' 'bout you and all my niggas
For everybody who lost they fuckin' life to that pistol
And for everybody on that slab right now, my nigga, I'm with you
Behind these Jim Maui shades on, you don't see my vision
I'm takin' Percocet instead of cereal
I wake up early mornin' with my jewelry on
Like Frosted Flakes on my wrist
[?] Jesus piece, shit gettin' spiritual
Somethin' told me to tell Isaiah to, "Chil, dawg, you don't need to hit that lick"
Them niggas already know what I'm standin' on
Fuckin' with me is worse than Fentanyl

My daughter one and she own a restaurant
My other baby mama gettin' jealous now, like, "Fuck you, bitch, suck my dick"
She said, "You can't between your babies"
I don't give a fuck, it's my favorite, so far
2023, ain't lettin' nothin' phase me
I'm in Hawaii goin' crazy, no stop
Dyryk keep recordin' me, no stop
I'm pourin' up Codeine on rocks
I got [?] on [?]
He over there [?] (Hey Dyryk)
You let me hold on your Glock
And I go home in your car
I got so much love for you, boy
Hold me down, I hold you up

We was at a hotel in Waikiki though
Fuckin' these bitches after eleven shows, oh, yeah
Can't wait to see you with your Richey on
Then when you pull up in that Lambo', oh, no
I'm sorry, I didn't make it, baby
I'm gettin' pounds of that bubble from the aliens for cheap
Treat lil' dawg like my brother while he was hatin' on me
Hit the town with that [?], made hundred thous' in a week
I get down with that cutter, brand new sticks came off a [?]
Tiger stripe Bottega, blowin' up, volcano
Layin' down, no blanket

Mornin' slides, gold anchor
Mornin' slides, no socks
[?] came off a banger
Jasmine look like Tyra Banks
Bad bitch in here layin' naked
Thinkin' 'bout that [?] if a get-up on me, and I'll let him take it
Keep that shit, now I'll see you later
And that's when I'ma make a payment
I'm in Honolulu eatin' coco, yeah
I'm so SG, I'm with some more game