The Circle Entertainment - Laylow Flo (Lyrics)


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The Circle Entertainment - Laylow Flo (Lyrics)

On Bloods
I'ma stack this shit to the motherfuckin' ceilin'
You hear? I ain't gon' lie

Trappin' with my unky, my mama probably pissed
All this blow mist comin' out the blender, teach you how to whip it
Broke bitch, poor end slut, I teach you how to get it
Summertime trappin' in my Nikes, the weeks 'fore December

Stay down 'til you come up, white people call it pennies (Boy)
Rose white VVS diamonds, 30K for the pendant
I ain't cum, bitch tried to stop it, I told a bitch to finish
My plug Master P, nigga, 'cause this shit no limit
Hop out, stick get to flashin', but I ain't photogenic
Uh, you ain't never ever hit that road, did you?
Uh, you ain't never ever caught that load, did you?
Came back with sixty-five, next time bring your bro with you
Quick to [?] with that blow with you
Me and Triple H the same, both got [?]
I walk in and grab a creme just to pour a [?]
Please don't try to test my patience, you might see dope and [?]
Please don't try to test my tip, you might get hit with this two-three
Talkin' to the dope, sayin' what it mean to me

They say the hood hungry, fuck it, we 'bout to feed the streets
Put the [?] Perc' in my lean, now I look Vietnamese
I gotta keep my piece, ain't tryna keep the peace (Boy)
I'd hit a nigga in the head if it was up to me (Bitch)
Nigga 'round sneak dissin', he ain't gon' say it to me
Nigga 'round here playin', he ain't gon' play with me
I'ma the type do my homework, you be dead in a weak (Yeah, for real)
I'm the type to whip fifty grams to two hundred G's
Uh, [?] bitches think a nigga like a bumblee
Looked in the mirror and I seen a nigga I wanna be
I ain't have to go to the hardware store to get these keys

I'm so school to the T like the twentieth letter
Huh, Lonnie the wrong one to try to run G

I'm sick the world acceptin' all this fake shit
Won't bite my tongue for nathan, nothin', no fakin'
Mama raised a hustler, the graveyard J shift
If they ain't with us, it's fuck 'em, on that forever Paid shit
Quick to have a [?]
People [?] roses box and gloves in the basement
Can't pillow talk to nan' ho, I am not Captain Save Her, nat-nat
All these niggas think they doin' somethin' in them Scatpacks
We only steal them motherfuckers to hop out and fah-fah, burn 'em
Before I let you cross, me your headstone gon' be a [?]
No skate shoes in my closet, but McQueen did the turban
They know I'm one of the bosses, won't hesitate to send that murder
Put a dollar on that dude mouth [?], that's like four quarters
[?] fourth quarter

I know [?] 'cause I move [?]
I hate rats 'cause my family ties havin' law and order
I can cut the work and I can cut off a nigga water
I can't buy no bitch a Perc, I'd rather work [?]
Told shooter gas up the jet, we done doin' them charters
Big baller, shot caller, John Stockton, no ballhoggin'
Block shoppin', ten keys a week, we used to creep to crawl
You see that scorpion on that key, I made a Bentley off it

Swear to God, ayy
Each one go for fifty, sold two hundred, bitch, do the math
Got a plug on that oh yeah, ain't say a word, jumped in my bag
Got two hundred on that dash, I'm movin' fast, hope I don't crash
Sellin' white boy, Steve Nash, I pray my white boy relapse, nigga, come back

I don't give a fuck if he Debo, bitch, where my gun at?
Lookin' for that last nigga you had, he where the crumbs at
I'm built different, stick on me, I'm not missin'
He was tryna stand on business, now that nigga top missin'
When we got that get-back for my shit, them niggas played victim
How you do that shit you did and then go try to play the system?
But nah, we off of that
Made a lil' cheese off this rap shit, but I don't only rap
When it's cold outside, I don't buy shit nigga, I only stack
So if you catch me in some new shit, I been had that
Yeah, I swear to God