LYRIC: Driver - Maya Hawke

One, two, three, one

[Verse 1]
I cook and I clean now

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Driver LYRIC - Maya Hawke

One, two, three, one

[Verse 1]
I cook and I clean now
I do different things than I used to do
Feel I'm always rinsin' dishes
I load them and I think about you
I imagine my mom and dad
Loosely neckin' in the back of a taxi cab
I'd give everything I'll ever have to see them happy
Kissin' just like that
And oh, I can watch it in the movies

I don't wanna see it that crafted and clear
Wanna be the pervert driver
Gazin' at them through a tilted mirror

[Verse 2]
I stay up, I play Backgammon now
Not a dirty glass, I drink straight from the spout
I sleep through the night now
On the medication you left at my house
I miss you like the soft spot at the top of my baby skull's rose
I miss you like my phonе tonight
I miss you like my openness that closеd


Now I'll tell you a secret
A secret that everyone already knows
You remind me of my father
Your attitude, your disheveled clothes

[Verse 3]
Thinkin' of you makes me happy
Happy that my father, he got free
That even though it hurt me
He can be whoever the hell he wants to be
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